Toronto Cycle Infrastructure in Ward 18


It's never easy taking the time to write about bicycles and traffic in Toronto.  Death after death of mostly innocent people going to work or headed home from work, grocery shopping with a basket on their bicycle or a backpack to carry the load, both of these are everyday normal tasks completed by everybody we know, except for the fact that cars always win in the battle for road space.  Maybe "win" is to strong a word in a game that has seen cycling deaths on the increase.  Are there more cyclists out there?  Is commuter congestion resulting in frustrated drivers not paying attention?  Is it about the total lack of understanding of the cycling issue by Toronto Council?  Lack of cycling infrastructure?  Time is incredibly important here and Toronto Council should be paying attention.  Not working quickly toward the inevetability of bicycles being a primary form of transportation in the inner-city neighbourhoods could be considered a dereliction of duty.  The pedals are speaking and squeaking for a dedicated cycle infrastructure that will simply save lives.


The politics of cycling in Toronto is quite frankly embarrassing with some main stream media fanning the anti-cycling flames, cycling has become a hot button issue.  Is Council so shallow minded that it thinks we'll never end up like the progressive city cycling models of Amsterdam, Portland, Montreal, Copenhagen, Tokyo or even Austin Texas?  This is not about scolding the car, it's about recognizing the humble bicycle.  No carbon exhaust fumes.  Almost silent. Fresh air filling your lungs.  The sounds of the city surround you.  The scent of Fall in the air as you ride.  Why wouldn't we give space to this mode of transportaion?  We're headed that way faster and faster yet Toronto Council thinks it will never happen.  Maybe they'll re-time the traffic signals to get commuters home 3 minutes earlier?


The recent Bloor Bike Lanes pilot project cost us $500,000.  The annual "Winter Road Maintenance" costs to Toronto is over 60 million dollars.  Just maintenance.  This would include 100's of tons of salt, plows, potholes etc.  Bike lanes are cheap.  Period.  No argument.  And the Bloor Bike Lanes are fantastic!  Well worth every penny.


Remember, the City runs on a complaint based system.  If you don't complain, nothing will be done.  Be active.  Pick up the phone and call your Councillor.  Ask them if they will do more than just support bike lanes? Ask them to actually build bike lanes as fast as they can.  It'll save a life that might be your own.