The Black Hole of Toronto Politics Continues...............

The City of Toronto is going through some serious navel gazing in the midst of a Mayoralty Race.

The inner-city residents grapple with advancing issues that seem to be a black hole revolving around traffic congestion, infrastructure upgrades resulting in insane construction throughout the city and transit that has taken front and centre positions in peoples minds.  But those big issues have people forgetting some of the simpler issues that affect us all such as garbage dumping in neighbourhoods, poor traffic planning that actually contributes to the congestion, parks maintenance that barely cuts it (unless your in Rosedale) and even major issues surrounding the Toronto Police Services and the bully tactics that have seen people shot and killed.  No one seems to be remembering the Sammi Yatim case.  Remember, TPS demands a billion dollars annually from the Toronto budget, why is no one talking about these other issues?

The media monkeys keep layering us with "Ford Nation" but really people, do we want a Mayor from any part of the Ford family?  Painting a picture of a Ford Camelot for Toronto because a pot hole got fixed or someone was relieved of an unfair parking ticket is a sad state of affairs.

Toronto needs a visionary leader for Mayor and not a neighbourhood buddy.

The Ford media spin machine is becoming so predictable it's a shame that anyone gets brought into their whirlwind of political greed,  Remember, the Fords pushed for a casino for Ontario Place or frankly anywhere, they didn't care it's just a business shuffle.  So, look carefully at who says what, the poilitical backrooms are very busy these days.  Vote this time, it's important and may very well mean the start of a new Toronto with an actual plan.

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