New Toronto Revenue Tool #38-B - Stop Green P From Self-Canabalizing

Green P is apparently the largest municipal parking operator in North America.  In addition to this Green P also operates the common Pay & Display meters throughout the City.  17,500 or more by now.  Some of the over 175 Green P lots in Toronto exist in our neighbourhoods.  Some of these neighbourhoods are very popular downtown areas or have become very popular as a result of a growing City which is also a good thing.  This is where it gets interesting.

When Joe Driver wants to park somewhere, he doesn't want to pay.  Even though Toronto parking rates are super reasonable Joe won't part with a single loonie.  So off he goes, driving up and down residential streets or circling the block looking for FREE parking.  He finds it, just 100 feet away from a Green P lot that sits half empty, and it's in a busy residential neighbourhood close to Bloor Street.  Green P just lost another customer to a residential street just feet away from it.

Why would this City operated business not protect it's turf?  If the City was truly looking for revenue then it could start with this.  It's an easy capture that benefits everyone including the congested residents.

Parking needs to be addressed in Toronto.  Poor parking rules actually encourage short car trips which in turn encourages congestion.  Stop giving away our residential streets to commuters because they seem to have been transit stranded.  If you could drive from King City to Downtown Toronto and park for free, you would, and that needs to stop.

So, here's the New Revenue Tool #38-B --- The first residential block flanking or adjoining any Green P lot or parking garage will automatically have the parking signage changed to include 1 Hour Parking.  Furthermore, Pay & Display meters will be installed within 300 feet of any Green P lot on any flanking street whether commercial or residential.  Valid residential parking permits will be exempted at all times. ---

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