Brock Avenue - Commuter Heaven


Brock Avenue may be one of the busiest residential streets in Ward 18, I would imagine that Dovercourt Road south of College or Sorauren Avenue south of Dundas may hold that title but Brock is pretty busy.  Residents on Brock Avenue have seen their neighbourhood become one of the darling shortcuts for the daily commuter as well as the local commuter.

The northern "T" intersection of Brock and Bloor is controlled by traffic lights and pedestrian signals.  There are no turning restrictions at this intersection, a west bound Bloor Street vehicle can turn left between 4 & 6 PM.  Why would the City restrict left turns at Dufferin at those hours yet allow that traffic to travel south on Brock Avenue which is the first intersection after Dufferin?  Isn't there a school down there near College Street?

It's amazing to think of how the City likes to push safety as Priority One but then turn around and send tons of traffic down Brock Avenue.  The residents of Brock Avenue should be truly sad.  The City stole their street from them and all in the name of keeping traffic moving or getting people to Dufferin Mall.  The City may seem to have a plan to deal with congestion but it's not for residents, it's for Joe Car headed home to Vaughan.

Remember, this City operates on a complaint-based system.
If you don't complain nothing changes.



After years of traffic jams caused by Dufferin Mall shoppers the City finally figured out a way to re-direct that traffic.  If mall shoppers leave via any NORTH exit from the Dufferin Mall parking lot they are forced to turn WEST, toward Dufferin with NO option to turn EAST thereby avoiding the rush of regular mall goers through Brock Avenue.  I wonder how many times residents had to complain before the City got this right?  Appparently the Councillor for Ward 18 doesn't understand the increase in traffic in these areas.  Remember, the City operates on a complaint based system.  If you don't speak up no one will listen to you.  Write letters.  Make calls.  Visit the Councillors office.